Prescriptions Information

Repeat Prescriptions

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note that we do not take prescription requests by telephone or email.

Download the NHS app for your prescriptions request or use Anima/Systmone online service.

To order your repeat medication, you can:

We no longer take repeat prescription requests over the phone.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note that it takes about 3-4 days to process your medication requests as a result of the the attention this activity requires. Please ensure you request your medications at least 1 week before your run out.

We would also like you to inform you that you would be able to have your prescription on repeat dispense for up to a maximum of six months after having your annual blood tests, BP check and medication review. For more information regarding this service, please speak to either your local pharmacy or the practice. You would not need to request your medication every month as when you are due, you would just need to contact your nominated chemist for your next month of prescriptions. 

Please see the video below for a more detailed explanation

Be aware that, if you are overdue blood tests, you may receive a reduced quantity (7 days) or may not be issued your medication for safety reasons. This is for your safety.

Please book for the required blood test before you are due to request your next batch of medications.

Requesting Acute Medication

If you are ordering medication that is not on your repeat prescription, this will be need to be reviewed by a clinician such as a GP/pharmacist, so please be aware there may be a slight delay. If there are any queries, the clinician will be in contact regarding your request.

Requesting Additional Medication

If you need to order your prescriptions early, or request a longer period than normal i.e. you are going on holidays for several weeks, could you please make the request early and give the practice as much information about why you need the prescription early or for longer, then the practice will do its utmost to accommodate your request. Please also be aware you may be required to have blood tests/BP checks for safety reasons, but if this is necessary, the practice will contact you.

Needing Urgent Medication

We do appreciate that there may be instances when same day medication is required. If this is the case, please either use Anima, call the surgery or you are welcome to come in person to make an urgent request.  Please be mindful these requests will be reviewed carefully by a clinician in order to ensure the appropriateness of the request.

Requesting Medication from Hospital

You may have had a hospital appointment where the clinician has advised you to get the medication from your GP surgery. It can take time for the letter to be received by us, so please either send or bring in a copy of any paperwork when they have asked you to get medication from the practice. This will allow us to have a record whilst being able to prescribe the medication for you.

Over the Counter Medications

Please be aware, the local Integrated Care Board (ICB) brought out the self-care policy which advises groups of medicines that should be bought over the counter

The list is not exhaustive, therefore there are many more items not mentioned on the list that would be expected for you to purchase over the counter. If there are any concerns and you wish to speak to a clinician; please do not hesitate to get in touch with the practice.

Medication Reviews

When taking regular medication, it is necessary for patients to have blood tests, a blood pressure and other checks e.g. foot check for diabetes. Afterwards, you will need a medication review which can be part of a LTC review. This can be with the nurse doing the LTC review, a clinical pharmacist or even a GP.

These provide opportunities for both you and the clinician to have a conversation about your medicines and optimize them so that you are getting the best out of your treatment. The reviews generally take place over the phone, but if you feel this would be unsuitable, please speak to the practice.