Childhood Immunisations

Please note that all childhood immunisations are being done as normal during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

​The MMR vaccine can protect your child against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. These are contagious diseases and can lead to complications in other health conditions. It is very important you get your child vaccinated.

​Babies and young children are given two doses of the vaccine to give them long lasting protection against these illnesses. Your child will be given a dose when they are 1 year old, and then another dose at 3 years and 4 months old. You can also easily check if your child has had their MMR vaccine by contacting your GP surgery.

​These three diseases are now quite uncommon since the MMR vaccine was introduced, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a threat. In 2018, in England and Wales, there were 991 cases of measles and 1,066 cases of mumps (NHS, 2018). After 2 doses of this vaccine, around 99% of people will be protected against measles and rubella, and then around 88% of people will be protect against mumps (NHS, 2020). This shows how important it is to get your child vaccinated at a young age, to allow them life-long protection!

​Contact your GP surgery TODAY to check if your child has had the vaccine or if they are the right age, to get them booked in for this vaccination. Getting this vaccination for your child will give them lasting protection and will protect them from other conditions which are linked to MMR, such as meningitis.

​For more information on the MMR vaccine, please go to: