Complaints Policy

We aim to provide patients with the best care we can, but we may sometimes fall short of this mark. If you have any compliments, concerns or complaints about our services, we want to hear about it. We would encourage you to speak to whoever you feel most comfortable with – your doctor, nurse, a receptionist or manager – who will try to resolve the problem on the spot. However if you would prefer to give your feedback in writing, please send it to the Practice Manager.

On raising an issue we will seek to resolve the issue as soon as possible by discussing your complaint with you and we will advise you of the likely time span in dealing with your complaint if we can not resolve it immediately. We have forms available for you to fill in with the details of your complaint. Your complaint should be made as soon as possible, ideally within a matter of days, so that we can investigate accurately while things are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Please check our page for more information.